Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) has been the feather in our cap. Whatever your project requirements and concepts we will take you from permitting to final connection, all the while revising and customizing to assure an exceptional product is achieved. Having Estimators and Engineers with hands on field construction experience will assure costs for unexpected design conflicts hedged before they are realised. To sum up our attitude with EPC a quote from our President “The harder the job the better; that is where we excel.”

  • Preliminary concept to project completion for stations
  • New station plans and section views
  • Foundation and structural steel design and detailing
  • Protection & control system design and programming
  • SCADA and RTU system design and programming
  • GPR, step and touch voltage calculations
  • Substation ground grid design
  • Load flow, short circuit and arc flash calculations
  • Single line and trip logic diagrams
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear design including Arc Proof, Metal Clad and Metal Enclosed
  • Cable schedules and connection wiring diagrams
  • Station start-up and commissioning services